The GC Barnes Group

The GC Barnes Group LLC’s (“GC Barnes Group”) Washington, D.C. division focuses on federal funding, government contracts and creating bridges of understanding between public and private sectors for clients. GC Barnes Group’s human capital team has decades of experience in bringing together the public and private sectors.

Our Services

  • Building Public-Private Partnerships at the Federal, State & Municipal Levels
  • Advisory services for Packaging Companies to receive Grants
  • Turn-key Solutions for Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing & Distribution of Client business
  • Consult on Business Development & Corporate Growth Strategies
  • Advisory on Joint Ventures, Financing, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Consult on Strategic Government & Military Relationships
  • Advisory on Domestic & International Restructuring & Expansion
  • Refined & Experienced Relationships with Federal, State and Local Agencies & Branches